Unit Trusts:

An equity or share trust invests mainly in the share markets. This form of investment allows you to place relatively small amounts into the share market but still diversify your portfolio as the fund manager uses the trust's pooled assets to invest in a range of equities. The fund manager uses expert knowledge of both the markets and the companies listed on the market to select the investments for the fund.

While not usually recommended as a short term wealth creation vehicle these products can provide good returns over the medium to longer term. Many equity funds specialise in certain market sectors while others have a strategy of providing a balance of investments across many sectors. Some fund styles available include:

· Global and Regional - These invest on specific share markets within a global area;
· Specialised Sector Fund - Investing in companies which are listed in the special sectors of the market. For instance industrials, technical and healthcare; and
· Index Fund - This style of investment changes its allocation of funding when a company's value within the sharemarket alters.

There are hundreds of equity trusts available. Allow us to advise which funds are most suitable for your investment purposes. Contact us today.

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