Managed Investments:

No one investment will suit the needs of everyone. All of us have different attitudes to the returns we want and the risk we are prepared to accept on our capital to achieve those returns. For most people, it is best to diversify risk across a range of products including a mix of income generating investments and capital growth opportunities. An easy method of achieving the right mixture is to invest in a managed investment. A managed investment pools the capital from a group of investors providing the fund manager with enough equity to purchase a selection of products within the fund. There are a range of Managed Investments including:

· Cash Management Trusts;
· Unlisted Property Trusts;
· Equity or Share Trusts;
· Mortgage Trusts; and
· Life Insurance Bonds.

Each of these managed investments may have different taxation treatment, different portfolio objectives and different risk strategies. It is important to get good financial advice when choosing the right investment for you. Contact us today to assist in your investment selection.

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