Investments which are usually classified as equities are those that you own directly. The two main types of equities are ordinary shares and property.

Ordinary Shares

When you purchase or invest in ordinary shares of a company you are actually becoming a part owner in the business. As a shareholder you take on the risks and responsibilities of ownership of the company. You will receive information about the company including annual and financial reports which allow you to review how your company is performing. You can attend annual meetings and participate in the election of directors who will make the major business decisions for the company. You will also be able to share in any capital growth and profits the company makes. These can be in the form of dividends or increased value of the shares.

Shares are bought and sold on stock exchanges and the price of an individual share can go up and down when it is affected by a range of forces including:

The market is complex and you should have knowledge of the management of the company, the industry the company works in, its past history and any major potential changes which may affect your investment. This can be very time consuming and difficult to cover. We can assist you with all your requirements for buying this form of investment. We also ensure that your total portfolio is managed to minimise risks while creating wealth over the medium to longer term. Contact us today.


Property is another investment which can provide an income and capital gains. Income is produced through rental payments and capital gains are made when the value of the property increases. Property investment can vary from the more common house and unit residential types, to factories, warehouses, shops and office blocks.

Property investments can be affected by:

We can assist you in developing a balanced mix of investments which will match your long-term needs.

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